The biggest misconception of people about Goa escorts or any other escorts is that they are cheap, homeless, ill-mannered, senseless, arrogant, money-oriented and don't have any self-respect. But, for your kind information, I would like to tell that I have a high-class backdrop and a personal life.

I just want to live independently and have some big dreams to achieve some secret, valuable and important mission of my life. I am a sensible and well-mannered girl. Being an understanding and educated girl, I can expect that you will treat me respectfully, lovably and with so much of care.

Cross Checking of your identity

If you are going to call me, I expect that you will be talking to my manager politely. Being one of the professional escorts in Goa and I have appointed a manager who manage and talk to the callers. You need to share at least one reference if you approach for the first time so that he can be sure that you are a genuine person in need of companionship.

What if you don't have any reference, you should not be worried at all. My manager will ask you few of the questions to confirm whether you are genuine or not. Your phone number will be put on black-list if you make call just to bother us. You cannot be able to make any call further.